The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office’s core values represent the fundamental beliefs of the agency.  The expectation is that agency members fully embrace and embody the core values set by Sheriff Sanchez.  Members must utilize the agency’s core values to guide their decision-making and when engaging with the community and one another to ensure all behaviors are in alignment with the overall mission of the agency.


These core values guide how agency members are expected to perform in meetings, at community events, in the homes and businesses of community members, and in their interactions with those in our custody.  Agency members are expected to exemplify these values both on and off duty.  Agency members will not disgrace the Alameda Sheriff’s Office by engaging in behavior out of alignment with the core values set by the agency.


After six months of deliberation, research, and discussion, the Transition Committee presented the preliminary results of their work to Sheriff Sanchez and her Executive Leadership team.  Around forty other agency members of various ranks and positions were also present.  During that meeting, participants engaged in an exercise to develop new core values for the agency.


These four words were selected after cumulative input and analysis. Although common, the importance of what these words represent cannot be taken lightly. They represent our commitment to legitimate enforcement practices and providing our community members with thoughtful service.


We recognize and honor the inherent dignity in all people



We enforce the law while providing compassionate assistance, help and support to the people we serve



We instill confidence in the reliability and credibility of our agency based on our foundation of integrity, our adherence to ethical principles and values, and a commitment to be honest and transparent



We will engage in thoughtful interactions with the people we serve in order to foster social connection, promote a sense of belonging, and work toward achieving our shared goal of improved public safety