Letter from THE Transition Team

Hello, The Transition Team enthusiastically presents our report and framework to help guide the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in achieving the vision set forth by Sheriff Yesenia Sanchez.  During the campaign, Sheriff Sanchez made her vision clear to the agency’s members and the Alameda County voters.  Keeping these priorities in mind, we worked to find areas within the agency where substantial change could be made.   The following recommendations for change are directly related to the priorities Sheriff Sanchez has committed to reform throughout her term. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in this significant and historical process.  Sheriff Sanchez is the first woman and person of color elected to the role of Sheriff in Alameda County.  Our team understands that representation matters, as well as the importance of her election to this prestigious office.  Sheriff Sanchez models her leadership expectations and has demonstrated her commitment to improving the work-life balance of agency members as well as the quality of life for those who live, work and recreate in Alameda County. Our hope is that this document is used to guide policy change, increase transparency, and improve working conditions.  Most importantly, we hope this document signals a shift in agency culture that genuinely prioritizes employee health, community engagement, the mental and physical health of the incarcerated population, robust reentry services, racial justice, and holding agency members accountable to the people we serve. We would like to thank the agency members who provided input, feedback, or engaged with the transition process in any way.  We would also like to thank the community members who participated in the community forums, completed the community survey, and rallied their community members to engage in this process.  A huge thank you to the Bright Research Group for their authentic and intentional approach to community engagement and for producing a report we can use as a lens to see into the hearts of our community members. Sincerely,The Transition Committee