A Long Road

Since 1853, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has provided law enforcement services for the unincorporated area of Alameda County and once operated two jails within the county.  The agency has undergone significant changes and has experienced many challenges throughout the years.  In the 20th century, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office began to modernize the institution of policing and expanded its reach throughout the county.  Several significant technological and training advances were achieved over the years, bringing favorable attention to the Sheriff’s Office.


These advancements in policing have continued, and now the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is regarded as one of the best law enforcement agencies in the state. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office continues to ensure members are exceptionally trained and equipped law enforcement professionals who work in partnership with the community to produce safer communities for all.  The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that enforcement is necessary to protect communities from those who victimize others. Sworn members of the agency will continue to actively enforce the law and hold offenders accountable for their crimes.


Although the agency has made significant advances in many areas, it recognizes past and present harms committed against marginalized communities it serves.  Equitable enforcement practices will continue to be fostered throughout the agency in an effort to decrease instances that may contribute to further harm.  The election of Yesenia Sanchez as the 23rd Sheriff in Alameda County provides another opportunity for the agency to be a leader in the law enforcement profession as we transition into an era of greater diversity, collaboration, and transparency.



Andrew Broder

1853 - 1857

PE Edmundson

1857 - 1861

J. A. Mayhew

1861 - 1863

N H Harry Morse

1863 - 1877

Jeremiah Tyrrel

1877 - 1882

Charles McClevertY

1882 - 1884

W. E. Hale

1884 - 1890

W. H. H. Hussey

1890 -1892

Robert McKillican

1892 - 1894

C. B. White

1894 - 1898

Oscar Rogers

1898 - 1902

John H. Bishop

1902 - 1906

Frank Barnett

1906 - 1926

Burton F. Becker

1926 - 1930

Grant D. Miller

1930 - 1930

M. B. Driver

1930 - 1940

H.P. Gleason

1940 - 1963

Frank I. Madigan

1963 - 1975

Thomas L. Houchins

1975 - 1979

Glenn E. Dyer

1979 - 1987

Charles C. Plummer

1987 - 2007

Gregory J. Ahern

2007 - 2023

Yesenia L. Sanchez

2023 - Present