The Transition Planning Process

To ensure a smooth leadership transition within the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Yesenia Sanchez began to assemble her Transition Team in August of 2022.  The transition team grew to fifteen members, led by Captain April Luckett-Fahimi and Undersheriff Richard Lucia.  Transition Team members represent a diverse group of Alameda County Sheriff’s Office employees and one community member. The team held regular meetings with the aim of producing this full transition report.  This transition report provides a framework for the deployment of Sheriff Sanchez’s vision for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

After releasing the preceding Executive Summary the Transition Team regularly met to develop the objectives and task recommendations presented in the final report. During these meetings, the five working groups reported on their assignments and began to formalize their recommendations for this full transition report. Outside of these meetings, the groups formulated plans to address challenges associated with their topics.


The objectives and recommended tasks are a vision for the future.


This Transition Report provides a clear vision for the future of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.  The next step is establishing a thorough implementation plan to ensure actions are taken to advance the newly established agency goals.  The implementation plan will prioritize the recommendations, set deliverables and timeframes, and establish measures of success that consider the perspective of everyone impacted by the change.  The Transition Committee will continue to meet to track progress and provide oversight of the implementation process. Please follow along with the Transition Process here.