Mission Statement

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office mission statement is the foundation for every decision made by its members.  The mission statement represents a profound and unwavering commitment to the agency’s charge of protection, safety, and citizenship.


The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has a broad reach within Alameda County and the State of California.  We have the privilege of interacting with thousands of community members through the various services we provide throughout the county.   It is our responsibility to ensure that people feel respected, protected, heard, and safe at every interaction.


This mission statement represents a new commitment to our community and will be adopted by our members through various efforts including, but not limited to, agency leadership modeling behavior, changes in policy & practice, and continuous dialogue around and reference to the importance of our mission.


The Transition Committee sought agency input in creating a new mission statement that represented Sheriff Sanchez’s vision and commitment to progress.  Eight submissions were received from both sworn and non-sworn members of our agency.  The following statement was submitted by a member of the Sheriff's Office and edited to this final version by Sheriff Sanchez and members of the Transition Committee.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to building a safer and stronger community through innovative and inclusive law enforcement practices.  We are steadfast in our efforts to build trust through increased transparency and accountability practices.  We are committed to working collaboratively with our community to provide equitable, unbiased, and legitimate policing practices while fostering an environment of respect, compassion, and professionalism where the well-being and dignity of all individuals is prioritized.